Listening Assignments 6.11.07

1. Diamond Nights - Saturday Fantastic - This is how I always wanted Jet to sound, plenty of AC/DC, insane amounts of testosterone. And some sass thrown in for good measure [from Once We Were Diamonds EP|buy]

2. Map of Africa - Bone - Summer sweat, jungle vines, snakes, gnats, helicopter fly-bys, water buffaloes, gazelles, soundtracks, awesome. (thanks gvsb!) [from s/t|buy]

3. Zach Condon - Venice - The brain behind Beirut added this track to the Believer 2007 sampler under his own name. It's very spacy, with delayed electronic elements, and concludes with his haunting vocals. [from The Believer June/July Music Issue|buy]

4. Peter Himmelman - Beneath the Damage and the Dust - This song was my go-to sad/beautiful song for many years. Way before the internet and indie music opened its avenues, I had my dad to show me music like this. Oh yeah, and he's Bob Dylan's son-in-law. Peter, not my dad. [from Flown this Acid World|buy]


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