The Trees Community

1. Thanks to Hand/Eye records via GvsB, I got to wrap my ears around The Trees Community's 1975 masterpiece The Christ Tree. It's incredibly uplifting, sweeping between mountaintops of serenity on a choir-like breeze. The fantastic harp work easily reminds me of Joanna Newsom, the rest resembling a more angelic Polyphonic Spree. It's 12:26 long and filled with the welcome crackle of recorded-from-turntable goodness. Multiple movements and a really great find.

Psalm 42
[from The Christ Tree|buy]

2. My brother is in town for the holiday. We're going to see No Country for Old Men. You should too.

3. And if you're not doing any christmas shopping on Etsy.com, you're missing out plain and simple. Make it happen.


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