Let there be light...

Alas, the first post. Always the easiest. Maybe some links of interest:


postsecret - confessions in the 21st century.
threadless - cheap, creative, user-submitted, community driven, shirts.
pitchfork - pretentious as heck, yet undeniably influential. great news/review/interview source.

Music - Related

drew worden - the current manifestation of solo mischief.
the editorial we - the current manifestation of full band mischief.
audiobiography - jacob's brainchild still in beautiful infancy. personal history, as told by songs. life = music = love.
listening assignments - updated every monday. spread the sounds.


Blogger Indie Jake said...

I got blogrolled... sweet.

Oh, hey. You should, with those listening assignments, maybe post a lil text file in the folder with your little blurbs. So uh, we know. things.

2:14 AM  

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