Great googily moogily

Long day, but a good one. Actually two days. When you stay up til after dawn a few days in a row, things really seem to run together. Let's recap both.

Wednesday - Two hours of sleep. Idiot termite control people come a day early (unannounced) to drill holes in our cement foundation so they can drip poison in the holes and ultimately protect the house from termites. At 10am. When I went to bed at 8. Picture a 9 inch drill boring into solid cement about a foot from where my head was. I already had to be up at 11 so I could go see an early showing of Superman with one of the roommates, so after getting to bed at 8, you can imagine how happy I was to be robbed of that last precious hour. I wanted to drill a 9 inch hole in that guy's neck.

Superman was good. I actually was starting to have low expectations. The teaser trailer was too CGI-looking and I was never obsessed with Superman in the first place. Still, really great cast, believable plot, convincing (and amazing) special fx, Lois Lane was hot, Parker Posey is always hot, etc. Didn't feel like 2.5 hours. Go see it. It's highly decent.

Band practice went swelly. That's not really a word, but i'm going to use it. Preparing for the amazing Lovedrug show July 8th (Peppermint Beach Club). Be there or be [ ].

Thursday - fell asleep at 4am wed night, by far the earliest I've fallen asleep in ages. Slept right on til 3pm, so that was fabulous. Pitterpattered around til I had to leave for work. My normal commute that takes 22 mins took 60 today. I was frustrated and late. Work was pretty normal aside from the FREAK hailstorm that threatened to kill us all. It was truly insane and impossible to describe. Drove home and I've been downloading amazing music from various label websites, writing two new songs, watching the sun come up. It's been grand. Thanks for being here.


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