Warble, swoop, dive and duck. A floating fleet of feathers and feet, turning in unison, fleeing the sunset. I can't help but imagine a swan when I hear Antony sing, a real-life ugly duckling. His words always sound cloaked in darkness like a somber weight of sadness is sitting heavy on his head. This new EP is Antony at his finest.

Sing for Me
Another World
[from Another World|buy]


Blogger Nat said...

WHY DOES EVERYONE LOVE THIS AWFUL VIBRATO STUFFED CRAP! He sings that way to cover the fact that he cant hold an even note! and he does it in EVERY SINGLE SONG! They all sound exactly the same 'cause of it!

4:28 PM  
Blogger drewcif said...

awww Nat! That's the whole point! It took me some time to get used to his voice but Antony stands for a lot more than just his voice. Listen to "Hope There's Someone" and "I am a bird now" if you're curious.

8:39 PM  

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