Update from the road...

As my previous post suggested, via only blog-title, I'm on vacation. First to Idaho, now Portland for the duration. I'd planned an entire calendar of posts during the trip and I'd planned to upload the tracks I was going to feature onto my webhost prior to leaving (as I'd have no access to the files once I was away from my computer). Alas, as early-morning flights usually go, things did not proceed quite as planned. I got off work at 3am and the cab showed up 10 mins early at 4:20am and I was unable to get many of the little things done. On top of that, my iPod touch refused to let me edit the body of any blog post (hence the extra long title that explained my predicament) while I was in Boise. SO, in short, I'm on a real computer in Oregon, without the songs I'd planned to write about. But fear not, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. And Portland is a gold-mine for finding some CD's to upload in the meantime. Stay tuned.


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