Assignments de listenamento 17 de julio

1. Midlake - Roscoe - this would probably fit on my listening assignments from 1981 as well. Yes, I was -1 at that point. Traces of Paul McCartney, a bit of beck-ish-ness. a ton of flaming lips on their other tracks.

2. Rogue Wave - Catform - simply put, this band writes really great songs. pretty important in the scheme of things. for this, I am thankful.

3. The Scourge of the Seas - Water Wings - lazy and lackidaisical, we're channelling solo Ben Gibbard on this occasion. A nice mood piece.

4. Keane - Leaving So Soon - this record is coming around on me. i still think it's full of cheddar, but there are definitely some gems. great pre-chorus on this one.


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