i'm feeling folky this week...

july 10th listening assignments:

1. josh ritter - here at the right time - yes this album is totally stellar. this is one of those songs where you could hear a pin drop. this is a song for sitting on a rug, wrapped tight in a blanket, and contemplating. the reverb makes it sound like he's playing this is a tiny club built just for you.

2. the theater fire - these tears could rust a train - i can't help but smile when i hear this song. it's love, it's whimsy, it's beautiful.

3. songs: ohia - two blue lights - in some circles, jason molina is a legend. i just happen to love this song. the perfect guitar tone, the intermingling harmonies, a mood maker.

4. sufjan stevens - lord god bird - yes, it's been out for awhile, but everytime it makes its way to my speakers, i can't stop singing it for hours. a demonstration of perfect writing to suit a subject. apparently sufjan himself is tired of his voice. i'm certainly not.


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