Dynamos Dynamos Dynamos Dynamos

Forwards and backwards, they are the same: So Many Dynamos. They aren't afraid to put their thangs down, flip them, and/or reverse them. Honestly, after reading their bio off their myspace page, I realize that anything I write will be completely put to shame. Regardless, I feel it necessary to proclaim that I saw Dynamos and Deathcab for Cutie in the same week and it made a lot of other weeks I've been alive seem pretty trivial. These St. Louis boys bring the angular dance pop like few others do. It's a little Dismemberment Plan, a little Minus the Bear, a little hiccup in your step. There are few bands I'd be as proud to say they've slept in my house, they've eaten my food, and they are truly righteous dudes.

When We Were Machines
Let's Laugh About it Later
[from When I Explode|buy]
Inventing Gears
[from Flashlights|buy]


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