Monday! Assignments! 11.13!

1. Regina Spektor - Chemo Limo - Let's put it this way, there's not much I can say about Regina that I haven't before. She defies genre. I feel confident she spent some time trapped in a world of angels singing and writing poetry, but she stole ones songbook and escaped back to the world of the living and unleashed tracks like this one. [from Soviet Kitch|buy]

2. +/- {plus/minus} - One Day You'll Be There - This band keeps showing up because they keep bending the perception of acceptable indie rock. Somehow they manage to have an entire song where the guitars only exist in 2 second clips and only meet for about 20 seconds. Somehow this totally works for me. [from Let's Build a Fire|buy]

3. Jose Gonzalez - Hand on Your Heart - It's hard to be distinguishable from a thousand other musicians with only a voice and a classical guitar, but this gentleman consistently does it. His voice draws you in, his steady picking lulling you into a dream. [from Stay in the Shade EP|buy]

4. Nina Nastasia - Counting Up Your Bones - On the third listen to this, it really started hitting home. The melody builds and falls tinged with forlorn sighs. It sounds like a song written for right about now, when the leaves are all turned, the icy wind whipping around corners and whispering through the trees above your head. [from On Leaving|buy]


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