Page France and the Family Telephone

There's something adorable to me in the voice of Page France's Michael Nau. It's something that lifts me along with the corners of my mouth past all the fire-escapes to the rooftop. Up there, I can see the secrets people hide, their ugly rooftops you can't see from the ground, but none of that matters. "Chariot" is playing in my head, altering my outlook on everything below me. The people are smiling, my legs won't stop moving, my heart might be pushing at its seams.

Me, Violin, and Dancing Bear - "i was high in all my big thoughts: what if the sun drops, what if my heart stops..."
[from ...and the Family Telephone|buy]
Junkyard - "i'm the truest song that was never true"
Chariot - "we will become a happy ending"
[from Hello, Dear Wind|buy]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who the hell is that picture of?

8:34 PM  
Blogger drewcif said...

ha! wow good catch. That was the Winter Kids. So no to hasty picture posting, little ones. Thanks Anon!

9:07 PM  

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