Scott Fisher & 1am Approach

The sticker on the front of his CD says "sounds like Jack Johnson fronting the Ben Folds Five," a term that at first prompted a skeptical frown, but Scott Fisher & 1am Approach eventually made good. I'd definitely say Jack is a much bigger influence than Ben, though Scott plays the piano quite well, and while I have my own set of issues with Mr. Johnson, Mr. Fisher blends his influences carefully, paying homage with taste and tact.

This man sees the future and wants to change it. He longs for progress, hopes for the best. His voice is strong and confident, floating into smooth falsetto with buttery precision. Tastefully-toned guitar licks (courtesy of Bob Dunham) weave around the piano while Enrique Gonzalez builds a creative foundation of percussion. This band belongs together.

Step Into the Future
Forgot About the Stars
[from Step Into the Future|buy]


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