Top 5 EPs of 2007

TOP 5 EPs of 2007

5. Aloha - Light Works
4. The House Floor - ...have your gloves of gold!
3. Grizzly Bear - Friend
2. The Acorn - Tin Fist

The Acorn might be my favorite band of the year simply because they put out this amazing EP in March and followed it up with a stellar LP (#16 on my top 50) in October. No one else can claim that kind of prolific song production while maintaining this much quality songwriting in 2007 (sorry Ryan Adams). Includes 4 of my favorite tracks of 2007.
Brokered Heart [mp3]

1. Tigercity - Pretend Not to Love

If there were 4 more songs on this EP, it'd warrant consideration for album of the year. All 6 of these songs are cohesive, unique, and as catchy as the rage virus in 28 Days Later. Buy this cheap, independent, incredible EP for $5.95 on Amazon or iTunes. Do it. Seriously do it.
Powerstripe [mp3]
[buy at amazon or iTunes]


Blogger Tybalt said...

Wow. Just wow. I bought it, and I'll never be sorry about that again.

8:33 PM  

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