The Spirit of Kevin Drew

I gave this record a cursory listen while I was visiting Portland, OR. Nothing hooked my earlobes like lightning, and I was currently in the most comprehensively awesome music store I'd entered in over a year. I spent over $100 in there on stuff I'd never find in Virginia, so I passed on Broken Social Scene's frontman Kevin Drew's new solo record. Now, with fewer distractions, I'm letting the tunes flow through my head. They're not throttling me, but I'm actually kind of thankful. They're abundantly enjoyable in a way that requires an attention span. I'm pleased that this doesn't sound like a BSS album, though his influence is definitely identifiable. Other moments take on a vibe akin to faves American Analog Set and Apollo Sunshine. Favorable and welcome comparisons, all.

Safety Bricks
Lucky Ones
[from Spirit If...|buy]


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