Listening Assignments 6.23.08

1. Sam Champion - Be Mine Everyone - Riff riff riff riff riff riff riff riff riff. Raff. Raff. But mostly just riff. And a hell of a riff at that. [from Heavenly Bender|info]

2. Iron and Wine - Serpent Charmer - Sammy's back, but it's not a 4-course meal this time. It's just a UK-exclusive bite of the usual tasty fare. Singing, sliding guitars served with a side of silky hand percussion. [from Lovesong for the Buzzard|buy]

3. The Myriad - Throwing Punches - I enjoy the subtle bed beneath this whispery bit of emo-tinged indie rock. It reminds me a lot of Lovedrug, so I don't have much of a choice here. [from With Arrows, With Poise|buy]

4. The Lord Dog Bird - The Gift of Song in the Lion's Den - MOKB said it's like Bon Iver with a bit of John Roderick/Long Winters mixed in and I didn't need to be told twice. It's a builder, a lo-fi Everest, rising up out of the fog with arms stretched out to the sky. [from The Lord Dog Bird (out 8.5)|info]


Anonymous songbird said...

Wow - you like Julian Velard AND Lovedrug?!? Clearly we are musical soulmates :)

7:00 PM  

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