More and More of Mas y Mas

It's sticky sweaty slippery stupidly hot outside right now. The wind is moving the trees, my eyes are telling me so. However, that same breeze is a curse. It's as if someone has left the oven door open. It's like that surge of superheated air on the edges of an expanding forest fire. It only makes you sweat more and desire only to be completely submerged in liquid. I am the world's largest salt lick. Bring on the livestock, their tongues a-lapping.

Mas y Mas's new record Proud Sponsors of Pepsi sounds like being outside feels right now, with one small difference. I want to down a bottle of this sound and smear it on my face. I want it to mingle with my sweat so it drips down and drenches my dancing shoes. The weather makes me want to retreat, but this album pushes me to engage. Bring it on.

[from Proud Sponsors of Pepsi|buy]

** This LP is released on Sound/Friends, one of the few labels/collectives/people to actually "get" what this love of music is all about. It's all beautifully designed and packaged, pressed on sparkling vinyl. There's a sweet interview about Sound/Friends here that appeared in Anthem Magazine. I'd recommend supporting them. It's good musical karma.


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