Listening Assignments 6.9.08

1. Wolf Parade - Call It a Ritual - If this track is any indication of the rest of WP's upcoming LP, sign me up. This is tastefully controlled and a big step forward from their at-times great and manic previous album. [from At Mt. Zoomer (out 6.17)|buy]

2. Jason Collett (with Emily Haines) - Hangover Days - Sure, everyone loves the idea of Broken Social Scene, a supergroup of Canadian musicians who put out an album every few years and have no set lineup at any given time. They really are all solo musicians who collaborate for the greater good and now that brand is established. When you dissect all the members' own work, you can see clearly who does the heavy lifting in the group setting. Jason Collett is the man and Emily Haines in one impressive second banana. Kevin Drew, you say? I say nay! [from Idols of Exile|buy]

3. Grand Archives - Torn Blue Foam Couch - This song isn't really a song, it's a hot air balloon, can't you tell? It's striped and haloed by sunlight and ascending ever higher. [from Grand Archives|buy]

4. Liz Durrett - The Mezzanine - Decidedly un-Summery, yet sparkling and hypnotizing. Very dark and shimmery, like an underground pool, reflecting flashlights and fear. [from The Mezzanine|buy]


Blogger kirt said...

collett??? i was a little dubious about that comment but i thought i wait to hear the track.. BSS = Kevin Drew. I normally always agree with your comments, but this was way off. Drew just has it, I’m not a fanatical fan or anything, but he's just got it. As for cellett, he has the opposite of “having it”.

9:29 PM  
Blogger drewcif said...

haha! Kirt! I appreciate the comment. I happen to agree with you about Kevin, I was really trying to play a little devil's advocate. I do enjoy the track a lot however. Theres no way he's the opposite of the man!! :) keep the faith brother.

10:31 PM  

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