Listening Assignments 6.30.08

1. Peter Gabriel - Down to Earth - This one is a no-brainer. New Peter Gabriel, which plays during the credits of one of the best films of the year. Hell of a chorus. Hell of a song. [from Wall-E OST|buy]

2. Sloan - I'm Not a Kid Anymore - This Spoon-smackin' ball of denim stands out like a roll of quarters stuffed down the tightest girl jeans you own. It's Sloan, so it's poppy, but it's also as instantly gratifying as punk rock of old. Quick verses, huge powerchord riff, piledriving chorus over and over and over. 2 minutes, 26 seconds. [from Parallel Play|buy]

3. Young Coyotes - Momentary Drowning - Stomp, clap, point at the map. Nod, shake, we'll head to the lake. We'll dive off the floating dock into the green unknown. This Denver threesome might own the copyright on summer this year. [from Young Coyotes|info]

4. Haley Bonar - Big Star - It starts innocent enough, then starts subtly tugging at normalcy and by the time the chorus comes in, swelling and shrinking with harmonies, there's nothing normal about it. It's just great is all. [from Big Star|buy]


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