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Do you have ADD? Do you enjoy strobe lights and glowstick fights? Are you a fan of seizures, sweat, and synth-induced comas? If so, Girl Talk is the hit you've been looking to take.

DJ Gregg Gillis is a former biomedical engineer who, liberally and without permission, samples numerous songs together to make a new song. Then he "gives" the music away for whatever you want to pay for it, a-la Radiohead, thus apparently ducking copyright lawsuits via "fair use", which states you can freely sample a recording if it is for educational or non-profit usage (though you're still supposed to get it cleared with the copyright owner). But what better artist to represent this musical era than a guy who essentially is an overt music pirate who changes gears every 20 seconds to appeal to the ADD generation. The only thing that would make this more post-modern American is if listening to it made you fat.

My problem is this: While some of the blends can be pretty interesting, it has practically no replay value. The best part is the first listen, wondering what's going to pop up next. Jay-Z overtop of "Subterranean Homesick Alien" flowing seamlessly into "Real Love" vocals atop the bed for "These Eyes"? Check. But it's just not as surprising the next time around, kind of like knowing the ending to The 6th Sense. Girl Talk's website offers the album in one continuous song or cut up into 14 tracks, which makes it convenient for me to blog about it, but otherwise serves no purpose. There are no song beginnings or endings, only hundreds of hooks and melodies, chained together like a break-dancing Frankenstein. And "the kids" are loving it.

God, I feel so old.

Set it Off
No Pause
[from Feed the Animals|buy]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umm, he's not a 'former bio-medical engineer', he's a bio-medical engineer.

9:27 PM  
Blogger drewcif said...

ummm I read that he quit his job to be Girl Talk full time. No?

10:15 PM  

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