When Fantasy becomes Nightmare

Well, I did it. I drafted Tom Brady with the #5 pick of my fantasy football draft. He apparently screamed like a little girl when his ACL was ripped to shreds 8 minutes into the first game of the season on Sunday (see above). I also drafted Nate Burleson of the Seahawks (out for the season/knee), Marques Colston of the Saints (out 4-6 weeks/finger), and the Chargers Defense (best player Shawne Merriman now out for the season/knee). Out of 10 starters on my roster last weekend, 6 of them scored 3 or fewer fantasy points, helping me destroy my personal record for all-time-worst-fantasy-football-score-EVER. (72% of all owners starting Brady last week lost their matchups)

Apparently the bad karma from coming 4 points from winning my league last year and never losing a player to season-ending injury just caught up with me, big-time. At least there's room for improvement.

The short of all this nonsense is that I'm a sports addict and I probably have an inflated sense of importance because I doubt you care about any of this in the first place. But I want you to know that being a music freak and being a sports addict are not mutually exclusive hobbies and I want to nurture the fantasy-loving fan in all of you to feel sympathy for me. I just want your pity!

If you're the praying type, please make note of the following, on my behalf:
- That Brett Favre eventually throws to Laveranues Coles.
- That I land Eddie Royal (Go Hokies!) AND Jon Kitna off the waivers wire tomorrow.
- That my starting defense actually puts up positive fantasy points this week.
- That the Bengals remember how to run their usually potent offense.
- That Big Ben Roethlisburger remembers his tight end this week.
- That Brandon Marshall comes back from suspension, like whoa.
- That the Cowboys keep giving rookie Felix Jones 15 touches a game.

Thank you and g'day.

Final Fantasy - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
[from Stars: Do You Trust Your Friends?|buy]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am sorry to hear of your fantasy football woes dear.
i absolutely love this stars song, haven't heard this version before.

guess who.

a clue: the one who started/inspired it all, being this very site. i think.

3:14 PM  

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