The Wolf in David Condos

It has been nearly two years since the promising sounds of David Condos first appeared here. In the meantime, the mop-topped young'n from Nashville has continued to mature nicely, showing artistic restraint and displaying an even more unique take on the modern pop song. There's a little more edge, a little less sun, a few more teeth in this newness, alongside the feeling that David is spreading himself to the wind, opening up his openings and recording the resulting chords of the whistling air past as opposed to fashioning a credible copy of something that already existed. The falsetto is still spot-on, but more sparingly used, while sprawling cello and the broken distortion of guitars fill out the spaces between jogging snare beats. This is a very Autumnal offering, a sprint through the woods at dusk, like wolves. Oh yes, Like Wolves.

Like Wolves
Finding Yourself There Now
[from Like Wolves EP|download free (limited time)]


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