Listening Assignments 10.14.07

So it's been a complete struggle to write lately because of a strange problem: I actually have TOO much music to write about. Seriously, there are about 30 albums that I'm either listening to or are in the queue and it's pretty overwhelming and hard to make decisions about. Thus, I'm throwing some bigger names on the assignments today to make up some ground.

1. Ben Folds - Kylie from Connecticut - Hey, if you haven't figured this out by now I'm a fan of Ben Folds. I want the best for him (and in effect for all of us) and I do miss certain things he used to do an awful lot. That said, the backlash this CD is producing is pretty overboard in my opinion. There are some really great tracks on this album [from Way to Normal|buy]

2. Jenny Lewis - Pretty Bird - If it weren't decent-to-great, this song would not appear here at all, but I've said this before and I'll say it again: I still don't get Jenny Lewis. I just don't get what the big deal is. Someone send me a song that I have no choice but to love, please? Because I feel like I'm listening to her and trying so hard to find undeniably good to justify the fawning she receives and I'm just not finding it. Prove me wrong, anyone out there, I'd appreciate it. [from Acid Tongue|buy]

3. Mt. Eerie - Voice in Headphones - Julie Doiron is no stranger to my love. She's back, joining Phil Elverum of The Microphones on his new project. It's dark and you can hear the squeaks of mice in the corners, gnawing the edges of tattered old newspapers. It's a sealed bedroom, a prayer circle, a rising and falling chant for forgiveness. [from Lost Wisdom|buy]

4. Ida - My Fair, My Dark - With respect to Ms. Doiron and Mr. Elverum above, there are very few male/female tandems that can hold a candle to the two that comprise Ida. Daniel Littleton taking the low, Elizabeth Mitchell taking the high, their voices meld into a singular melody that slices through fog, shoes and butter with the greatest of ease. [from My Fair, My Dark EP|buy]


Blogger pigeoncat said...

Jenny Lewis' stuff on her album with the Watson twins is superior to her new album, which I knew was going to be disappointing, but at least it wasn't as bad as the latest Rilo Kiley album. She has said ridiculous things like how one of her songs on Acid Tongue has a "Lil Jon flow" so... if you want good (saner / less arrofant / falsely ambitious) Jenny Lewis, yeah, stick to the first album. Or listen to everyone's favorite Rilo Kiley album, The Execution Of All Things.

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