Mondays make the world go 'round.

1. David Condos - The Ache - Suppose I told you that this polished Nashville singer sounded like Jeff Buckley and Chris Martin with a dash of John Mayer arrangement thrown in for kicks, is that something you'd be interested in? [from Smoking City|buy]

2. Annuals - Dry Clothes - I've saved this one for awhile. Today just felt like the day. It's loose and swelling, but somehow focused. Shades of Polyphonic Spree, weirder Sufjan, and Grizzly Bear. Really just a cool song in general. [from Be He Me|buy]

3. Beirut - The Canals of Our City - I love the melody to this song, as well as the ukelele and the horn arrangement that sounds ancient. It feels like the soundtrack to a gladiator awards ceremony or something. Not American Gladiator, Roman Gladiator. [from Gulag Orkestar|buy]

4. Woolly Leaves - People and the Planets - Will Kidman plays keyboards for the Constantines, and this is his acoustic side project. The first few seconds I heard sounded like it was recorded slightly out of tune, but I decided that I liked it eventually. The male/female vox just intoxicate me for some reason. Overall, just a lazy Monday afternoon kind of song. [from Quiet Waters]

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