The Dismemberment Plan is terrified.

If all goes as planned, this will be the first of three in a mini themed series, though they probably won't be back to back to back. The Dismemberment Plan (RIP) was hugely instrumental (I made a pun!) in shaping my musical psyche. If everything I'd ever heard was inside a box, when I first heard the d-plan, the box tore at one of the seams. Despite inspiring a legion of followers, this equation hasn't quite been equalled. (The last two portions of this "series" will be two that come close in their own ways: So Many Dynamos and Philip Uster and the House Floor.)

This is avant garde, it's harmonic.
It's a memory, it's a dream, it's a seizure.
This is the Dismemberment Plan.

Following Through
The Other Side
[buy Change]

Other DP essentials: Time Bomb, The City, You Are Invited, Superpowers, The Face of the Earth.


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