Infinite Math

There are a lot of good things to say about MuteMath: they sound like the police, if the police could have existed post-radiohead and been inspired by that electronic element; the lead singer plays a keytar; an apparently incredible live show; cool name; etc. They know how to dress, their album art looks sweet, they're on Warner Bros. What's not to like? Well, honestly the lyrics can be a little bland. There are a few songs that are good, but just lack...it? I don't know. I'm sure it's just me. I finally picked up the full album yesterday (it was only available at shows for the last 7 months due to a dispute with their label, which is now resolved) and I'm glad I did. The great songs far outweigh the filler and there are some nice pace-breaking instrumentals that have enough legs to stand on their own. I'm highlighting one of each.

Break the Same
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