1. The Decemberists - After the Bombs - I'll echo the sentiments of pretty much everyone I know who has heard this bonus track by saying "THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE RECORD." The most important reason being that it's probably one of the best things they've ever written and fits with the theme of the album to perfection. The second most important reason being the most incredible organ solo at about 3:17 to ...well, about 4:26. I could pretty much listen to that 1:09 on repeat from now until the day I die and be completely content. [from The Crane Wife | buy]

2. Pink Nasty - BTK Blues - This girl is just weird. Good weird, but definitely weird. This song is about the BTK killer. It's pretty, so there's that. And tongue-in-cheek about being afraid (and not afraid) of being killed by this killer. So there's also that. That and her brother Black Nasty is...weird on a whole nother level. But this song just sticks with me somehow. [from Mold the Gold | buy]

3. Sun Kil Moon - Carry Me Ohio - If you're unfamiliar with Mark Kozalek/The Red House Painters/ Sun Kil Moon, this will be an introduction. If you're in the know, you can just close your eyes and get taken someplace only you remember. It's a sad sounding memory, but reverent at the same time. Mark can't sing it any other way. [from Ghosts of the Great Highway | buy]

4. Jeremy Enigk - Burn - World Waits finally came out today and this song is the one that's hit me the most (so far). And since I've already blogged about his AOL interface session, I felt it unfair to highlight this album with its own blog so recent to the original posting. Therefore, this track gets assigned and that's the last you'll hear from me about Jeremy for awhile. Hopefully it'll make enough of an impression to tide you over. [from World Waits | buy]

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