+/- (plus/minus) builds a fire.

+/-(plus/minus)' record finally dropped in the US yesterday and it's really "the hot." I first heard of the band a few years ago thanks to 3hive.com's feature on them. "I've Been Lost" and "Ventriloquist" became two of my favorite songs of that year. They were quirky and abstract, but intensely interesting, listenable and filled with hooks. The dynamics just blew me away. Their followup just wasn't as impressive, however, and they fell off my map after contributing just those two songs to my musical family tree. With Let's Build a Fire (absolutely kosher records), this brooklyn indie rock trio is set to reclaim the promise of their debut. I usually decribe them as being similar to Deathcab for Cutie, but more experimental. Decide for yourself.

The Important Thing is Love
[from Let's Build a Fire|buy]

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