Just Bust a Move (1 of 2)

1. Old Skool
Hip hop has always done the same thing because it works. Taking riffs from other people, adding beats and waxing poetic on any of a variety of subjects. We love hearing the old stuff, or stuff that sounds old anyway. These two gems are old enough that they're being sampled for new raps. I wish I could say "I loved this when...". Instead, I get to say "I love this now."

Souls of Mischief - 93 til Infinity
Goodie Mob - Soul Food

2. Mashups
To my knowledge, the mashup concept is pretty fresh. After Danger Mouse mixed together Jay-Z and the Beatles for the Grey Album, the genre leaped to the mainstream. It's everywhere now, an unfortunate side effect of popularity, but these two stand out. Car Stereo (Wars) are probably the most consistent of the mashup artists I've heard overall.

Fort Minor/Bloc Party - Apathy/Banquet
Car Stereo(Wars) - Ghostfaced Observatory

stay tuned tomorrow for part 2...the brand new school and dj action.


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