Merry Christmas! Assignments 1225!

1. Blinker the Star - Pretty Pictures - As Idolator recently pointed out, this 1999 album ended up by the wayside and it was a damned shame. This is timeless pop in the vein of Jellyfish. Lofty praise, well deserved. [from August Everywhere|buy]

2. The Acorn - Blankets - This band's entire catalog is filled with fantastic songs such as this. It begins with a Sufjan-ese intro before morphing into a powerful Anathallo-ish anthem of goodness. [from Blankets|buy]

3. Colour Revolt - Blood in Your Mouth - This band from Hotlanta is poised to make serious noise in '07, both literally and figuratively. Tons of emotion, breathless dynamics, and an amazing live show. Oh yeah, and being on Interscope Records doesn't hurt. [from s/t|buy]

4. Mojave 3 - Most Days - Like Mark Kozalek, Mojave 3's lead singer has that silky voice you could listen to for hours in the background and it would quietly iron out the folds in the sheet of your body. soul. spirit. [from Puzzles Like You|buy]


Anonymous Rob said...

glad to see I'm not the only soul that has and likes that BTS record. sadly everything he's done since that album can onlybe classified as noise and not music. as were his albums before that one, but "August Everywhere" seems to be the reason he was put on earth.

and if you like Jellyfish, I highly reccoment Andy Sturmer's new band L.E.O. as well as Roger Manning's new solo album

myspace em

they're there :-)


10:42 PM  

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