Listening Assignments 12.18.2006

First, I'm inclined to share that this is post #100 for linesthroughlines and I think that's pretty stellar. I can assure you if you weren't here reading this, I wouldn't be here writing this. Thank you for that.

1. Aloha - Ice Storming - A decidedly cold offering from one of this year's most criminally overlooked albums. The wurlitzer has a knack for finding that beautiful coldness within its vibrating tremolo and it comes through masterfully here. [from Some Echoes|buy]

2. Some By Sea - The Saddest Christmas - Despite its title, I assure you this song can be listened to without repercussion throughout the year. It happens to be a poignant, bittersweet arrow aimed at some of the pageantry that accompanies a family gathering at Christmas, and yes, there are sleighbells throughout, but it's totally a great song in its own right. [from on fire! (Igloo)|buy]

3. Beirut - Elephant Gun - This guy is 20 and released one of the most blogged about records of 2006. I'd say that's a good start. Lots of horns here. Lots of accordian. Lots of Europia. That's not even a word! [from Lon Gisland EP 2007|info]

4. Josh Rouse - The Last Train - He's always one of those critically acclaimed musicians who very few people out of certain circles have ever even heard of. And to be honest, for a long time I never saw what all the fuss was about. It was lush, slightly jazzed out acousticky ballads and what not. Not bad by any stretch, I just didn't get it. I still feel that way about most of it, but there are a few really rewarding tracks in his catologue. Like this one. [from Bedroom Classics Vol. 2 EP|buy]


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