1.8.2007 Listening Assignments!

1. Ghosts & Liars - We'll Carry On - When Some By Sea broke up less than a year after releasing the masterpiece that was on Fire! (Igloo), I was pretty downtrodden. Thankfully SBS's lead singer couldn't stop playing music, formed this new amazing band and decided to keep writing amazing songs such as this one. I can't wait for this album. [it's a demo!]

2. The Good The Bad and The Queen - Herculean - In case you haven't heard, Damon Albarn (blur, Gorillaz) has a new band and a new record coming out in two weeks. This pleasant track is the first single, I believe. Definitely on the more chill side of things with some cool electronic elements and vocal layering. [from The Good The Bad the Queen (out 1.22.07)|buy]

3. Paper Airplanes - The Fences - After multiple listens, I found this song had a lot more to offer than I suspected. Draped around somewhat unorthodox vocals, there is a beautiful song that dances along merrily for the first third of the song, followed by an intense building bridge with violins and crashing cymbals, then a polite and happy bookend. [from Boyhood|myspace]

4. Apostle Of Hustle - My Sword Hand's Anger - Nothing spectacular here, just a very solid and interesting song from a very solid and interesting band. Occasionally, they remind me of if the Shins were british (I know The Clientele already holds that nametag)...though Apostle of Hustle is Canadian. Same difference right? [from National Anthem of Nowhere (out 2.6.07)|info]


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