The First Listening Assignments of 2007

1. Menomena - My My - First, let's all thank Barsuk Records for sending me this advance copy of the forthcoming record Friend and Foe (due 1/27/07). Without their help, I wouldn't have this quirkybeautiful collection of songs for another month. I'm pretty sure this song will be around on my best of 2007 lists in another 11 months. [from Friend and Foe|pre-order]

2. The Acorn - Dents - Yes, I did a piece on the Acorn last week, but I saved this song just for you. This is the band at their best: melodic acoustic arrangements with banjo and soothing vocals. mmmmmmm. [from Tin Fist|buy]

3. David & the Citizens - Now She Sleeps in a Box in the Good Soil of Denmark - This is an odd-duck of a song I keep coming back to because I just really enjoy it. There must be 4 energetic acoustic guitars playing at the same time, a few really unexpected chord changes, and a growing tension throughout. [from For All Happy Endings|buy]

4. Brett Bixby - City Lights - The mellow counterpart to David and the Citizens. This sounds like the better parts of Glen Phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket) and Duncan Sheik (acoustic, pre electronic period). [from City Lights|buy]


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