Eef Barzelay/Clem Snide

Eef Barzelay is pretty easily listed among the most uniquely-named musicians alive. What is Eef short for anyway? And equally puzzling is the name of his full band/alter ego Clem Snide. Just weird-sounding in general. Go figure, there's something just as unique about this singer/songwriter's music. It's warbly and delicate, beautiful and honest. He's got this playful way about him that will either make you smile or make you nod your head furiously in agreement with his views on love and life. He's opening for a little-known pianist/balladier named Ben Folds on his college tour 3/24-4/14 including a stop at my alma mater Virginia Tech on March 27th. I'll be there, holding up my cell phone like a loser. Eef, play on player.

Clem Snide - End of Love - "maybe we should just release the doves...no one will survive the end of love..."
Clem Snide - Collapse - "a vandal had written that Jesus knows just how you feel ...when you’re falling asleep, asleep at the wheel."
Eef Barzelay - Thanksgiving Waves - "and I'll read you a poem of blue skies and eyes and your sockets that bring them together."
Eef Barzelay - Well - "because the thing you claim to hate, you do it very well..."

"End of Love" and "Collapse" are from [Clem Snide - End of Love|buy]
"Thanksgiving Waves" and "Well" are from [Eef Barzelay - Bitter Honey|buy]

p.s. I'll be at The Boot tonight after 10 for an amazing show with Lymbyc System (Phoenix, AZ) and Dirty on Purpose (Brooklyn, NY). Mmmm rockshow.


Anonymous Jeff said...

Hey Steely Dan,

Clem Snide is a William S. Burroghs character. Eef is actually short for beef. One of these factoids is not true.

This is a good post.


7:58 AM  

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