Del Amitri and Me

Me and Justin Currie of Del Amitri
Hampton, VA JUNE 1995
I just forked out for some expanded hosting options so I'm going to make my first post a special one. I hope to make this the first of a mini series of posts that contain myself looking ridiculous in my 'tweener years posing cheesily with famous musicians. I've got quite a few and I'm going to keep the list under wraps so you keep checking back.

Picking even 5 Del Amitri songs to post today was seriously insanely difficult for me. As you can see, I'm kind of a fanboy. In my opinion, despite the brief success brought from their surprise hit "Roll to Me" and to a minor extent "Always the Last to Know," they are one of the most underrated and under-appreciated pop bands in recent history. Impeccable melodies, dynamic songwriting and arrangement, and countless hooks were the trademarks of this group of American-sounding Scotsmen. Right before this pic was taken, Justin was telling me they were from Loch Lomond, Scotland. And we just said "Loch Lomond" back and forth for about 3 minutes in heavy Scottish accents. His real, mine terrible. If you're unfamiliar, let this post be a history lesson of sorts.

Just Like a Man
Driving with the Brakes On
Cry to be Found
Start With Me
Tell Her This

"Just Like a Man" is from Change Everything (1992)
"Tell Her This", "Start with Me", and "Driving with the Brakes On" are from
Twisted (1995).
"Cry to Be Found" is from
Hatful of Rain (1998).
[buy their records]


Anonymous Rob said...

I am seriously excited about Justin's new record "Rebound", I hope he finds a good US label to get it out here. until then, credit card+import=a must

were you aware they did an album in 2002?

I missed it entirely. I thought things ended with "Hatful Of Rain"


great band.

1:47 AM  

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