So Ane Brun was originally going to be today's "dessert", but the more I listened, the more that felt like a Sunday blog. Therefore, today you will fall victim to the smooth stylings of American Analog Set. They made their first appearance in the 3.26 assignments with "Choir Vandals" and I got quite a few responses from readers about their inherent coolness. Their records sound like the wind whispering through the trees above your head. They are the ghost that kisses your eyelids during a nap brought on by utter exhaustion. Set Free could easily accompany a car ride, couch party, or solo run on a misty gray morning. Its shuffling, stuttering drums and heavily breathed vocals all blend together to a swirl of sound that flows through the length of the album. It's cohesive and flowy. It's liquid. For your ears.

Born on the Cusp
Immaculate Heart 1
Cool Kids Keep
[from Set Free|buy]


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