Listening Assignments 4.9.07

1. The Boy Least Likely To - Rock Upon a Porch with You - If this doesn't brighten your mood, you have issues. It's a smorgasbord of fun instruments: xylophone, that rippled fish thingy, synthesizer, hand claps, and fake flute! [from the Best Party Ever|buy]

2. Chris Merritt - Dance Karate - Your socks will now proceed to be grooved off of your feet. It's catchy, bouncy, and a robot sings the final chorus. Top that, I dare you. "Do you like this music we've been making?" [from Hello, Little Captain|buy]

3. Normandy - Kentucky Isolation - This easily could have been on the road mix (hey, maybe for v.2). You'll be toe-tapping to the totally sweet signature riff. It's short and sweet at 2:21, about where a catchy up-tempo number should be, in my opinion. [from Alexander & the Awful Horrible Day|info]

4. Buck 65 - Centaur (acoustic version) - You saw the title but you probably didn't expect this song to be about centaurs. You would be mistaken, my friend. This dude is a centaur, so if you had any questions about them, prepare to be enlightened. For instance, his "sex drive is 3 times that of a normal human". Innnnnteresting. [from This Right Here Is...|buy]


Blogger Chris said...

it's interesting, because if you listen to the boy least likely to's lyrics, you'll notice that lyrically they're very very sad songs.

8:25 PM  

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