The Tide that Binds

I'll say this: it takes some serious gravitas for a band to say something like "If Coldplay can be called the new U2, I think we are the new Coldplay." Though the musical comparison wouldn't hold up, it's the kind of brashness I'd expect out of Say Anything's mentally unstable frontman Max Bemis, not from an almost-unknown indie band hailing from the burgeoning metropolis of Grand Rapids, Michigan. You say something like that within earshot of anyone and you'd better put up or shut up. Surprisingly, the Tide put up. Sure, it's more Coldplay itself than "the new Coldplay", but it's seriously not bad. It's better than not bad. It's highly decent middle-america indie-pop. There are some interesting rhythms, soaring choruses (chorii?), and safe but fantastic melodies. It's nothing new, but it feels fresh. It brims with optimism and youth and just enough confidence to shake people into lending an ear. Lend yours?

[and if not for indiechristoph, I never would have heard of them. props.]

Lonely World
[from Oh My God, I'm Not Free|buy]


Blogger Chris said...

thank you for the props. when i caught these guys live, i could've sworn half the band wasn't over 16 years old--so yeah, they're young.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Say Anything is being featured on mtvU’s House Band:

7:04 PM  

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