Friday Morning's Regret

I'm back from North Carolina and I'm sorry to have deprived you of new music for 48 hours or so. It's a terrible thing I know. The upside is that I made probably my favorite road mix of all time for the trip. It'll be uploaded for your road-tripping pleasure tomorrow.

On to today's hottness, Friday Morning's Regret. Being that it's Friday morning, I thought it was fitting. I can't wait to buy this record. Gavin Gardiner's deep melancholy voice echoes around the room, accompanied by his acoustic guitar, some piano, cello, violin, harmonica, melodica, a banjo, and probably at least one other strange instrument. This is the missing link between Margot and the Nuclear So and So's and the new Bright Eyes record. This is a good thing and if you're in the right mood, it'll hit you right between the eyes, or another place where you've only felt numbness for as long as you can remember.

The Wooden Sky
The Lonesome Death of Helen Betty Osborne
[from When Lost at Sea|buy]


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