Listening Assignments 4.16.07

1. Pedro the Lion - Indian Summer - I'm actually surprised I never got too deep into Pedro the Lion, but gems like this one help me understand why a lot of people I know are koo-koo for Pedro-Puffs. This one belongs on a mixtape. Make it happen, people. [from Control|buy]

2. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home - This sounds like Coldplay's Chris Martin doing a song for a movie soundtrack. Is that bad in any way? Not a chance. [from Breathe|buy]

3. Magic Arm - Outdoor Games - It's no surprise that a dude from Grizzly Bear (Ed writes an excellent blog, by the by) recommended this to the blogosphere. It sounds like a Grizzly Bear b-side. Psychedelic dream-pop with a fantastic knowledge of dynamics and structure. [from Outdoor Games EP (out 6.11)|info]

4. Peasant - Can't Believe You're Believin' - On speakers, the cross-panning of this one is pretty interesting and rocks you back and forth as you listen. On headphones, it drives me crazy. The song itself is really nice with Elliott Smith-esque double-tracked vocals, some beautiful harmonies and a solid chorus. [from The Wind 7''|buy]


Blogger Matt Modrich said...

If you go to my blog page at microwavablemartian.blogspot.com there are a couple interviews with Pedro the Lion.

5:18 PM  

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