The Hope of Bill Coleman

I heard Bill Coleman a few days ago and there was no looking back. It's an unassuming name for an unassuming dude who is definitely a little crazy. Immediate comparisons to a more upbeat Damien Rice (especially since they're both Irish), but with a few different musical stylings (some more pop at times, some Jeff Buckley-esque electric-only action). This fantastic album came out in 2006 and I'm pretty sure you still can't find a physical copy to buy in the US. iTunes is probably the best/only bet other than paying in pounds on a British music website. Apparently his live shows are reminiscent of The Flaming Lips and the few live clips on youtube confirm the possibility. Press play. Tell your friends.

Offer Up the Hope
The Pull of the Pint
[from I'll Tear My Own Walls Down|info]


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