Elliott's New Moon

I've shed enough blog tears on fallen heroes like Jeff Buckley/Elliott Smith/Nick Drake for you to know how I feel about them. Elliott has become the most near and dear to me, both for his massive body of work and his complete tragic existence, the peaks and valleys of which play out so poignantly in his music. The fact that there were this many unreleased and amazing songs lying around continues to blow my mind. New Moon is 24 tracks of the journey between 1994-1997 and contains some of my favorite songs: "Angel in the Snow", "New Disaster", "Thirteen", and the original "Pretty Mary K", to mention a few. I feel like his spirit is happy that there are still some of his songs out there that you and I can hear for the very first time.

Going Nowhere
Half Right
[from New Moon (out 5.8)|buy]


Blogger harold hollingsworth said...

I agree, nice write up, thanks for sharing a few numbers as well, put a little lump in my throat...

7:32 AM  

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