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To my fantastic readership:

I'm departing for Charlottesville (Virginia) with mi padre in a few minutes. We're catching a show up there, meeting up with some of his old music business friends, staying up at our mountain home, and returning Sunday. Therefore I won't be able to put up any new music til Sunday night. In the interim, I'll give you three links and a song to tide you over.

1. 15 Things Kurt Vonnegut Better than Anyone Else Ever Has or Will [read]
2. A really interesting (and at times, sad) point of view on the entire abortion issue. [read]
3. The 419 Eater. An absolutely hilarious site where a guy chronicles his efforts to make fools out of perpetrators of Nigerian e-mail scams. With classic pictures and e-mail correspondence. [read]

4. Chris Merritt's record finally came in the mail yesterday and it really made me giddy. Since I've already written a dedicated post to the man, I'll just quote it ("He never shook hands with a melody that wasn't beautiful") , link to it, and put an updated mp3 up for you. Here's Dance Karate, the final robotastic armada of groovy. You can buy the record at his myspace.

Chris Merritt - Dance Karate


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