Grizzly Bear on Daytrotter

Download Grizzly Bear tunes at daytrotter.com

Every blogger on Earth worth their salt has written about Grizzly Bear (including me) so I'll spare you the history lesson. They are easily one of the most talented bands making music today, full of harmonies and arrangements that would make Brian Wilson proud. They stopped into the Daytrotter studio to do an interview (always insightful) and recorded three live tracks. If you are familiar with Daytrotter, it's one of my favorite sites on the web. Aside from a growing legion of amazing performances, there is custom art done up for each band, unique interviews, and just a really cool concept on the whole. Check out the archive for stellar sets by Of Montreal, Eef Barzelay, Maritime, Page France, the Never, Annuals, the Velvet Teen, Owen, and many more.

Grizzly Bear - Shift
Grizzly Bear - He Hit Me (The Crystals)
[from Daytrotter Sessions|free]


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