A Loving Spoonful

As you probably are aware, Spoon has it. The It Factor. The aura that comes with being from Portland (by way of the near-equally cool Austin) is strong with these gentlemen. After 2005's stellar Gimme Fiction, they are poised to release Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga on Merge Records July 10th. These two songs bookend this potent album, the first and final chapters of a guaranteed bestseller. Britt Daniels' voice is in top form, the hooks are especially sharp, and there is a good measure of refreshing experimentation. Buy the heck out of this record when you get the chance.

Don't Make Me a Target
Black Like Me
[from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (out 7.07)|site]


Blogger Bushwick is Beautiful said...

these are really good.

we are in for a good musical year with low, radiohead, portishead, spoon, pumpkins etc

1:59 AM  

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