The Fragile Army

At their best, the Polyphonic Spree will make you feel like donning a robe and singing and dancing in the streets. Perhaps it's a subliminal instinct triggered by happy choir vocals after growing up in church, or maybe it's just a basic connection to the oft-forgotten joy that exists within you, but the result is certain. With the June release of their third full-length album The Fragile Army, the Spree will be dropping their cultish robes in favor of a smart black army uniform, a move that might actually expand the reach of their audience. I know of a few people that write the Spree off because of the cult-like appearance, a move I think is both a mistake and not-so-uncommon. This record is epic and triumphant, with trumpets and violins, angels on shoulders, sunbeams through clouds, lens flares, dandelions, and love. Soak it in like summer.

Running Away
The Championship
[from The Fragile Army(out 6.19)|[pre-order]


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