Sunday Newness

So I accidentally deleted my entire iTunes playlist of "pending blog music" that I would normally pilfer on a lazy Sunday such as this one. Therefore, you'll get a healthy dose of much-anticipated new music. Sound like a fair trade-off?


The New Pornographers - My Right Versus Yours
The Pornographers' "Use It" was one of my top 5 songs of 2006 and remains to this day, so this upcoming record from the Canadian supergroup carries much intrigue. I've never fully bought into their style, as much as I've wanted to. This song is a great first step to winning me over for good. [from Challengers (out 8.14)|buy a poster and get the CD free]

Emily Haines - Rowboat
Finally, she wrote the song I wanted all of Knives Don't Have Your Back to be. She has the voice of an angel and the piano skillz to be incredible, but that album played out very choppily for me. This track from her upcoming solo EP is perfect with muted horns and a fantastic melody. [from What is Free to a Good Home? (out 7.24)|info]

Sufjan Stevens - In the Words of the Governor
I remember reading a Pitchfork interview with Sufjan at least a year ago to that really fascinated me. He was talking about how he had gotten tired of hearing his voice and banjo and clarinet and all the other things that have now become the "signature" sound for Sufjan Stevens. How on his next project, he might intentionally destroy the melody and do something really noisy. Here it is. You very well may love it, but you'd better abandon your expectations at the door. [from The 2007 Believer Music Issue CD|buy]


Anonymous Sam said...

Sufjan is a musical genius. I think if anyone else created this new song, I'd truly hate it, but... Sufjan, he can do it, and not lose any of my admiration.

It's got a little bit of A Sun Came and a lot of Enjoy Your Rabbit; I love it.

5:28 PM  

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