Josh Ritter, Historical Conqueror

It's been over a year since the intoxicating voice of Josh Ritter first got my inner ear and outer brain drunk on sound. Now the bastard is back for seconds. He's got his colt cocked. He's got a degree in American History through Narrative Folk Music (!).

Josh has this ornery-sounding voice, at first listen even plain. There aren't a lot of technical acrobatics to speak of, not a lot of flair. But the voice itself is, like the man behind it, a very important thing: true. He deals in yarns. Threads of stories and characters in love and desperation woven into a colorful little wall-hanging. The edges are slightly frayed, as authentic and antique threads are prone to doing, but you can't help but know that wherever you go, wherever you take it, you'll be taking a bit of home with you. His voice is, many times, the same voice you hear in your head when you remember your great grandmother, long since passed. This sounds like the indie rock of the western frontier, pre-1810. This music is stained in sepia-tones, faded and crinkled, but full of life. Dusty, sweaty life.

Mind's Eye
Wait for Love
[from The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter|buy]


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