New Pornographers are Coming

The New Pornographers are filthy good at what they do. They are a Canadian orgy organized by the one and only A.C. Newman and including the incomparable Neko Case. They've been doing it for over 10 years now. And every time they do it, everyone wants to watch and turn it up really loud. It makes everyone close their eyes and get their hips into it like pendulums. There may or may not be lip-biting involved. The Pornographers like to have a good time and they want you to have a good time too.

But enough of the innuendo, A.C. Newman and crew never fail to deliver the feel-good power-pop summer jams, old-school style, and next week's Challengers is no exception. From the fantastic opener in "My Right Versus Yours", through a number of three and four-star tracks, they maintain an almost antique picture of how pop should be. A healthy amount of reverb on the guitars, playful melodies between Newman, Case, and Dan Bejar, and extensively intelligent lyrics define this record. Their catalog is becoming downright dirty good. This is the definition of aural sex. (There's that innuendo again.)

Entering White Cecilia
Adventures in Solitude
[from Challengers (out 8.21)|buy]
Use It (one of the 5 best songs of 2005)
[from Twin Cinema|buy]


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