Listening Assignments 8.13.07

1. Fionn Regan - Be Good or Be Gone - It's been a little over a year since I first heard Fionn's addictive croon and with this amazing record finally available in the states, I think it's time to remind you about it. [from The End of History|buy]

2. Beat Radio - What I Love the Most - One of my favorite pick-me-ups is a jogging banjo line. This is reminiscent of an upbeat Rogue Wave (who have a new CD out this fall!) track. [from The Great Big Sea LP + Miracle Flag EP|buy]

3. Sleeping States - The Next Step - This guy's voice is like nyquil. I feel drowsy and hypnotized. I dream of whimsy and muted raindrops on my opened umbrella. Love it. [from There are Open Spaces (out 9.18)|info]

4. Menomena - Let's Unite! - It's sparse and weird in the Menomena tradition, with some really nice plinky Fender Rhodes-ish keys dancing alongside. This is a slow builder and a rewarding one. [b-side]


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