Matt Pond Pee Ayy

I'm realizing I've never given Matt Pond PA his/their own post here and I'm realizing the reason is that Several Arrows Later came out two years ago, before the birth of the wondrously indulgent soapbox that is this blog. That record opened my eyes to Matt Pond after a few years of hearing all the wrong songs and knowing the right ones were out there. (If you're in a similar predicament, give a spin to "Lily Two", "Measure 3", or "Closer" and listen to your brain slowdance with glee.) Needless to say, Arrows was one of my favorite albums of '05 and has had tremendous staying power in the ol' iTunes playlist.

Now, thanks to Dodge over at MOKB, I got my first morsely taste of the upcoming LP Last Light. Ummmmm here are some words: giddy, wow, awe, schoolgirlesque. I just made up a new word for how this track makes me feel. This is definitely the most rocking tune I've ever heard come out of Mr. Pond's amplifier, but easily retains its signature melodic nature. He's hitting on all cylinders here (as well as on "Honestly", honestly). Chad, if you're out there, this one's for you.

and here's a fun acoustic video of another album track:

People Have a Way
[from Last Light|info]


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